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16 January 2010 @ 11:48 pm
deerfield beach is a pretty cool place. it only takes two busses to get there, the 31 and the 48. i really like riding the bus. my dad left for argentina today and he'll be gone for 10 days. i'm not scared like i used to be when he left. i know my mom is gonna get drunk off her ass (she does even when he's home) he gave me $100 emegency money, but today i felt like spending a little bit of it. so my sister and i decided to go to deerfield beach. it's a pretty cool place. wanna keep reading?Collapse )

it was pretty windy and the waves were rough so not many people were swimming. catheine called  me after a heavy ass fucking from the guy and she wanted to hang out and i told her were she was and she took the bus to see me. we waited for her in front of 7-11 and ate junk.

she likes my sister so we all hung out under the pier. i bought her a 5 dollar rose. she was confused and told me i'm the first guy to ever do that.

we cuddled on the sand. it was pretty great. i look really fat in these photos.

she treated us to pizza with her whore money. my sister takes the grease off with a napkin.

after eating pizza we had to take the bus home and waiting for it was pretty scary. it was getting dark and weirdoes were coming out! this man at the bus stop kept asking us questions like was the beach nice today, or where catheine got that pusre. he then asked for bus fare and i lied and told him i only had exactly enough for myself. the then took a piss on the bench behind us so we decided to wait somewhere else. i started taking pictures of this abandoned beach hotel with an empty pool. and some other creep approached us. he said 'don't be afraid' what the fuck. he then asked for jaybirds and i didn't know what that was so ignored it and then asked for weed and i said we didn't have any but i knew someone in front of island water sports who sells, another lie. the bus came and i went home with my sister, catherine went to her friend esrom's house, as usual.

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Current Music: norway - beach house
06 July 2009 @ 02:48 pm
What was the subject title of your first-ever LJ entry?
Writer's Block: Firsts